Winter Face Care Tips

The winter skin routine with the season transition. As the winter approaches and indoor heating goes on, start a winter face care routine. If possible, get a professional facial, even if you only get it once a year.

* Switch your moisturizer if you currently use a water-based one. Winter is the time for an oil-based moisturizer; use it at least twice a day if you are outside.

* Hydrate the inside of your body. Summer is not the only time your body needs water. Indoor heat and the cold outside sap moisture from your body. Drink plenty of water and limit liquids that dehydrate such as caffeine and alcohol.

* As the skin on the face dries, which happens more in winter, the dead skin cells multiply on the surface. There are a number of products that exfoliate, or you can make your own with simple products found in the kitchen such as oatmeal.

* Clean your skin thoroughly. Remove all makeup, and wash and moisturize your skin before going to bed every night. The cleanser or soap for winter skin care should be oil-based or as gentle as possible, so it works with your moisturizer.

* Remember sunscreen, even in winter and especially for outdoor winter sports. The glare of the sun off snow can affect your skin nearly as much as summer sun.