Tips to Remove Freckles Naturally

There may have been a time in your life when freckles were "cute", but now you just want them gone. These natural home remedies will help to fade or camouflage those pesky pigments.

* Things You'll Need

* lemon juice

* sour milk

* orange juice

* red currant juice

* parsley juice

* favorite moisturizer Instructions

* One of the most time tested methods for fading freckles is the application of lemon juice. You simply need to apply a small amount to the freckles you desire to disappear. Leave on your face for 15 minutes. (You will likely feel a burning sensation, but the effort will be well worth the discomfort). When the time is up, gently rinse the juice from your face and apply your favorite moisturizer, as the lemon juice tends to dry out your face.

* Applying sour milk to your face acts as a gentle peel to lessen the contrast of freckles scattered about. Lactic acid is the active ingredient here, and it may be used in combination with the lemon juice method.

* Here is a method for those adventurous souls. Mix parsely juice with equal amounts of lemon juice, orange juice, and red currant juice. Apply the mixture to your face, underneath your favorite cream. This concoction will help to camoflauge freckles.