Hair fall and controlling tips


The lack of essential nutrients definitely results in hair fall. Few use hair dye very frequently. Excessive use of those chemicals too lead to hair fall. Dandruff, improper dietary habits are the main reasons for your hair fall.

In adequate sleep, tension, stress will also lead to hair fall. So better avoid stress and tension by practicing yoga and meditation every day will help you out both from stress and hair fall.

here are few tips to controll your hair fall.

Tips to control:

1. first of all, hair fall can be reduced by using a wide-toothed comb. Such combs can reduce the breakage and hair fall while combing

2. It is best not to comb the hair while it is wet as this leads to greater chances of hair breakage and fall. Let it be dry or semi-dry before combing.

3. Use towel to soak your hair gently but don't rub it vigorously when it is wet.

4. The tradition of oiling the hair to enhance and retain its natural beauty hails from ancient India. Instead of opting for an expensive parlor treatment, it is best to use natural products that are safe, produce no side effects.

5. switch to shampoos that have less chemical effect. Avoid using normal shampoo's. Use the which don't have sulfate, silicone and paraben free.

6. Avoid shampooing daily. Chemicals stay stagnant and eats your hair.

Usually some amount of hair fall is quite common for everyone. So fear not and follow the tips for betterment.