Fashion Necklaces for a Statement


Necklaces of all kinds have been the must haves for any dress up occasion! Precious or semi-precious is necessary for certain occasions but they are a big No-no for others! Thats when fashion jewellery stands up to shout out for a stunning beauty!


Be it for sarees or Indian dresses, or even for western formals, necklaces of big beads, stones, sequins etc create a huge fashion statement. Most Clothing Line stores are carrying their brands of these necklaces. Bright colors, huge beads are the trend. You can flaunt your necklace on a western formal shirt too, not atall an odd combination. Any simple dress can be made grand with just one matching or contrast necklace of this sort.



These necklaces can be paired with a very simple matching stud or a similarly huge hangings for the ears. If you could find, finish this set with a suitable bracelet too. This time you go for shopping, take out some time to shop hop for one or two such fashion necklaces that could really make your get-up, a bright and trendy one.