Take Care of Those Eyelashes!



Long and thick eyelashes are every woman’s priced possession. Apart from being lucky enough to have naturally long and thick lashes it is also important to take care of these little ones!

Use of lash comb or a clean or unused mascara brush can be used to clean and com them. This prevents premature breakage and also strengthens them, however over brushing can loosen lashes. It is very important to take off the makeup before going to bed, you can use makeup remover or more organic removal will be with olive oil. If left on will lead to eye infections and weakening followed by breakage. Every time you use a curler make sure it is disinfected well, as accumulated makeup stuff is a breeding place for germs. Try avoiding fake eyelashes, glue weakens the roots sooner or later your lashes may fallout, moreover while peeling off the glue it might pull few along.

If you are accustomed to use mascara frequently, then once in a while give your eyelashes some fresh air too. Make sure you keep your dirty hands off your eyes, to avoid infection. Condition your eyelashes with castor oil, coconut oil or petroleum jelly to eye lashes before sleeping and just rinsing the conditioning treatment in the morning. We can use cotton ball, mascara brush or Q-tip as applicator. Results will start to show in two to three months.

We should enrich our diet with Vitamin C, D, E and H. Include kiwi, oranges and watermelons, for good amounts of Vitamin C for healthy hair. Vitamin D strengthens the hair found in cheese, fish and cereals. Vitamin H helps rebuild hair that is already dry and splitting, it revives your eye lashes to its healthy fullness, found in good quantities in mushrooms and whole grains.

- Koya Satyasri