A Massage for Your Baby's Growth


A Massage for Your Baby's Growth



Do you know the importance of massaging your baby’s body? It will strengthen your baby from within. You must know the right way to massage a baby. The best time to massage is during the pre crawling period. When you are massaging put your baby on a mat and remember to avoid massage immediately before or after a meal.

Keep baby oil ready when you decide give a massage. Always remember to start your message with the baby’s legs. Hold the baby’s leg and squeeze gently as if you were milking the leg. Repeat the same with the other leg. Rotate the baby’s foot gently in clockwise and anti clockwise direction.

It also simple to massage your baby’s arms. Start with the baby’s armpits and move upwards just in the same milking motion like you did for the legs. Trace your baby’s palms in small circular motion. This way you improve circulation in your baby’s body.

Put your hands in prayer position and gently tap on your baby’s chest. Turn your baby over and make circular movements with  your finger tips on the baby’s back. Do this everyday for your baby’s growth and development. Make sure you give a regular massage to get the best results.