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Anushka Sharma in a roadside debate

on Jun 18, 2018

The whole country is now aware of the Swatch Bharat coaching class given my Miss.Virat Kohli. We have seen her giving mouthful of advice to a person who was throwing plastic on the road. Virat has of course taken much care to give the incident more publicity. Now its the turn of the victim named Arhhan Singh to say back. This is his tweet regarding the who episode-

`arhhansingh Disclaimer: i have no desire to gain any mileage from this post of mine... Horrible! So I happened to carelessly Litter a sq mm of plastic while driving ! A car passing by rolls their window down and there we have our wonderful @anushkasharma ranting and yelling like a crazy roadside person! While I’m apologetic for my carelessness , Mrs Anushka Sharma Kohli a little etiquette and politeness in ur dialogue wouldn’t have made u a lesser star !! There are all kinds of manners and hygiene .. verbal etiquette is one of them !

The garbage that mistakenly went out of the window of my "luxury car"... Was way less then the garbage that came out from your mouth... From ur "luxury car's" window... Or the trashy mind @virat.kohli to shoot and post this online... For whatever gains... Now thats some serious trash!!’

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