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Venkatesh Bodyguard Review

on Jan 14, 2012

Venkatesh did not have any releases in 2011. After Nagavalli,which is also a remake, Venky is looking to consolidate this Sankranthi with his yet another remake Bodyguard.

Bodyguard Story:
Varadarajula Naidu (Prakash Raj) saves Venkatadri’s (Venkatesh) life during his childhood. He is later raised by Thannikela Bharani who thinks Venkatadri should be sent as the Bodyguard to protect Varadarajula Naidu. When Venkatadri comes to the village, Varadarajula Naidu tells him that it is his daughter Keerthi (Trisha) who has threat from his opponents and needs bodyguard. Venkatadri then falls in love with a girl in a frequent mobile conversation. Then a series of romantic and melodrama twists change his life.

The script of Venkatesh starrer Bodyguard isn't much innovative except for few minor changes to suit the nativity. Getting into the reality, regardless of the title Bodyguard and Venkatesh's biceps, the film is totally inclined towards a love story than an action entertainer. It remains lighthearted for the majority of the runtime except when the villains suddenly surface at times and towards the climax. Venkatesh’s body guard is totally off guarded and does not look convincing.  Surely, the movie draws comparisons with its counterparts from other industries and you have to tell that the Telugu version did not do justice to the original version. Unnecessary songs, routine fights and clumsy screenplay makes the movie uninteresting.

Venkatesh works more for a surprise element in the climax but it isn't something that you can't see coming. In fact, you can relate the same climax to Nagarjuna’s Santosham. And though the climax is predictably clichéd, he doesn't leave much scope for melodrama. The pacing is not so quick, music is not peppy, action is stylized and editing towards the second half should have been better.

TeluguOne Perspective
Bodyguard is an out-and-out Venkatesh’s film – perhaps meant to be taken in the festive spirit of the season. Love it or lump, chances are that its backers will be laughing in the first half at least. The romantic yet comic scenes between Venkatesh and Trisha work out pretty well. The first half of the movie looks pretty alright - Venkatesh and Ali’s comic scenes have come out well. The drama spinning around Venky, Trisha and others in the college also looks good. But the second half tests the audience patience, and needless songs make the matters even worst. So if you value the swab on your scalp and guard yourself against this possibly mind-numbing body blow, good luck then!

Venkatesh looks cool and convincing in the title role. His subdued act and charming innocence surely wins several hearts. Trisha looks apt and has done really well. Saloni as Trisha’s friend is alluring. Prakash Raj is at his usual best and Ali tickles your funny bones.

Final Word: Venkatesh’s Bodyguard review: The movie does not lift the spirits and reach the expectations of its Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil counterparts. With festive season, perhaps Bodyguard’s run at the box office would be interesting!

Venkatesh’s Bodyguard Rating: 2.75 / 5

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