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The Story of Modern Karna - Dalapathi movie

on Jun 13, 2018

In the year 1991 the story of Karna was retold by ManiRatnam who is one of the best directors India had ever produced and that film is none other than DALAPATHI . Role of Karna was played by SuperStar Rajini Kanth and he beautifully portrayed the character in good shades.  Rajinikanth role was surya and he is born out of wedlock in a remote village to Kalyani (Srividya) who played the role of his mother who abandoned RajiniKanth and later he was adopted by a lady living in Slums.  The characterization of Surya was portrayed as an angry young man who fights against the odds and evil. While Mammooty got well adopted in the role of Duryodhana in the film, the character name is Deva who is the local slumlord. This film covers a lot of aspects. ManiRatnam took a big risk in portraying this epic to change the way we see things and to change the way of our thoughts. Till this film was released, usually Cinema hero is of the upper cast, rich and settled person and who will always punish bad people while women who have the illegitimate child will have to die before the film ends or she should stay without getting married. ManiRatnam just changed the way the cinema looks with this film. This film is still a classic.


We from Teluguone bring you this epic tale of modern Karna to you.

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