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Prabhas Rebel Audio Songs Review
Sep 15, 2012  Telugu Cinema News : Like This :
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Prabhas Rebel Music Review: For the first time Raghava Lawrence is directing and scoring music for Young Rebel Star Prabhas's new movie Rebel. There are huge expectations on Rebel and the audio has been released yesterday. There are 5 songs in the album including a remix song. How are the songs? Check out Prabhas Rebel Audio Review here:

Cast: Prabhas, Tamanna, Deeksha Seth, etc
Director: Raghava Lawrence
Producer: Pulla Rao, Bhagawan
Music: Raghava Lawrence
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry, Bhaskarbhatla


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1. Keka Keka
Singers: Llyod Paul, Satyan
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

Keka song reminds us of Prabhas's 'Gum Gum Gum' song from 'Darling'. Lawrence has faithfully imitated Thaman's style in this song and the lyrics too have no meaning. He has mixed up lot of beats and this song fails to attract.

2. Deepali

Singers: Karthik, Priya Hemesh, Divya
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

Lawrence has stuffed in some melodious beats in the song and the instruments he used are pleasant. Karthik's voice is very refreshing. The lyrics are good and has some wonderful words. Yet, nothing special from Lawrence as this song too have resemblances of few super hit songs.

3. Google

Singers: Andrea, Shravana Bhargavi
Lyrics: Bhaskarbhatla

Lawrence has come up with inspired instruments and totally messed up with the beats dominating the singers voice here as well. Shravana Bhargavi and Andrea has sung with lot of energy but their effort has been wasted as the song is of no quality.

4. Orinayano
Singers: Malathi, Vijay Prakash
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

This is a typical mass number in Tamil style from Lawrence. The interludes and beats are loud and the less we talk about lyrics the better it is! Orinayano is yet again a unconcealed rehash number with heavy instrumentation and western influence which doesn't fit the bill here. Despite all these, this song will make Prabhas fans go crazy if shot well!

5. Keka Keka(Remix)
Singer: N Akash
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry

This song shows how Lawrence has copied Thaman in every possible way. His desperation to score a club number is understandable but the beats remind u 'Yuhi Chala' song from Swades. Lawrence tried something different but it is humdrum!

Analysis: Overall, Rebel album end up as a flop audio and not even one song is hummable. It will surely disappoint Prabhas fans and fails to meet the expectations as the actor's films have wonderful music in the recent times. I can rate Rebel audio as the worst ever album in Prabhas's career! No doubt Lawrence is a good commercial director but it would yield better results if he prefers a PROFESSIONAL music director from the next time onwards!

Lawrence is no SV Krishna Reddy!

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Posted By Raghu Posted Date: 2012-09-20 04:09:39
Inta budget petti movie chesetappudu kaneesam oka decent music director ni anna appoint cheyyakunda ati teliviki poyi lawrence gadu motham songs dobbettesadu. "uncle manasu chala manchidi. akkani baga chuskuntadu" evadu rasadu ra babu dialogues. nonsensical, utter flop music.
Posted By hassan Posted Date: 2012-09-20 04:09:02
worst songs
Posted By Rams Posted Date: 2012-09-20 02:09:11
Lawarance is worst music director PRABHAS movie career lo worst album
Posted By Diwakar Posted Date: 2012-09-15 04:09:07
horrible songs..how prabhas accepted these songs in his movie? DSP and Thaman must be laughing at Lawrence.
Posted By prabas rebal review Posted Date: 2012-09-15 03:09:24
rebal audio review no good worst music by raghava lawrens
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