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Kick 2 Movie Review

on Aug 21, 2015

Kick 2 review Kick 2 Movie Review Kick 2 telugu Movie Review...A sequel to the much popular “Kick”, a runaway hit that released in 2009, “Kick 2” is exciting film lovers from a long time. After a lot of delays, finally the film made it to theatres today. Will Surender Reddy score back to back blockbuster after Racegurram? Will Raviteja deliver a big hit this time? What has this Kick combo done? Let us see.

Robinhood (Raviteja) is the son of ‘Kick’ Kalyan (Raviteja) who has now got settled in USA. In order to construct a hospital in USA, Robinhood plans to go to India and acquire their piece of land in Hyderabad which is now encroached by a real-estate guy (Asish Vidyarthi). After coming to India, Chaitra (Rakul Preet) starts flattering Robinhood. Parallel to this, another story runs in Vilaspur village where dreaded Solomon Singh Takur (Ravi Kishan) rules the land in his draconian style. After watching Robinhood kicking the goons in Jedcherla, a person advises villagers of Vilaspur (Sudhir Misra, Rajpal Yadav and others) to bring Robinhood to the village such that he confronts with Takur. How did they convince Robinhood to come to village? Will he take revenge on Takur or behalf of these people?



Ravi Teja’s new lean look takes some time to get absorbed. Somehow he looks pale. He is a bundle of energy when it comes to comedy timing and repeated the same here. However his lean look somehow sounds uneasy when he is performing those high octane action scenes. Other things are just okay from him this time.

Entire first half of Kick 2 is given to “Pandit Raviteja” aka Brahmanadam. As said umpteen times earlier, if writing is bad then Brahmi too cannot save it. He invoked laughs partly as only few scenes clicked and others boomeranged.

Rakul Preet has a limited role as a heroine though she is seen all over the film. She looks beautiful as usual and quite gracious in songs. Lead villain Ravi Kishan excelled as Takur, but his character is not having much graph or depth. Jil fame Kabir Duhan Singh is having a short stint as Takur’s son. Sudir Misra and Rajpal Yadav tried to bring laughs with their performances. They clicked partially. All other actors like Asish Vidyarthi, Sameer, Tanikella Bharani have managed to make their presence felt.


Director Surender Reddy extracted good performances from all his leading cast. But his magical screenplay is not visible this time. In the name of “comfort” he has caused quite discomfort in many scenes. Somehow, the story seemed to lack that punch and Suri lacked interest.

Manoj Paramahamsa mesmerised with his work in Racegurram, and here too he saves the film with the stylish tone all over. Songs are shot quite well, while action scenes got that punch due to his camera angles. The rugged tone in village backdrop is fantastic.

Seems like juices of Thaman got dried up. Except a couple of songs, rest of the music looks forced. Also the background score lacked that pep. He’s becoming repetitive these days. As many accuse that Thaman is copying his own tunes, this time same thoughts will be echoed about his background score too.

Other departments like art have worked quite well, as production values looked richer. At the same time the village backdrop emulated drought and rough look extraordinarily.


Some comedy scenes
Emotion in second half
Couple of songs


Poor narrative with slow pace
Comedy that can’t bring laughs
Not much engaging like first ‘Kick’


Surender Reddy has switched genres with Kick and then scored a big blockbuster with Racegurram. Walking on the same comedy path, he has come up with Kick 2 now. But the main reason for success of those films is high octane comedy and here he has experimented with some emotions, thereby shocking audiences.

Robinhood is introduced as someone who would do anything for his own comfort. But what wonders is how come this ‘comfort’ guy can't create that impact as 'Kick'. Jerky scenes, some not-so-interesting comedy, routine fun by Brahmi and an average entry by Rakul Preet Singh have made the film little boring in the first half. As the two plots run parallel and converge at the interval,somehow the second plot looks wobbling. Finally the much awaited interval bang is an emotional twist, where audience could predict what’s happening while hero couldn’t understand it.

Second half shifts to village in Bihar, Vilaspur. While villains are too strong, villagers are too weak. But still they are able to chalk out many plans to woo Robinhood. That logic hits the viewers hard. At the same time, Surender Reddy mark screenplay and top-notch emotions got missed in the second hour due to villagers doing more show than the hero. Except for two fights and a couple of songs, entire second half show is run by Sudhir Misra, Rajpal Yadav, Tanikella and Rakul to a little. But Ravteja is missing in action, cutting the enthusiasm of movie lovers to a half. That puts movie’s graph on the flat and only it raises at pre-climax due to some emotional swings. But after giving so much discomfort, who is going to get excited by those senti and hyper emotions?

When first comedy looked below average, we expect second half better and hilarious. But here in Kick 2, second half fun is awry. Brahmi failed totally in second half, while the Lagaan like comedy haven’t invoked much laughs. Coming to action sequences, there is no special design or screenplay technique like in Kick or Racegurram (As Surender Reddy is the director, we can’t stop comparing). As second half turns routine and hero realises that it’s the comfort of people around that gives him the kick, audience realise that their discomfort has something to with the film itself. Fate of the film hangs on a balance. If B & C centre audiences like it, then the film will end up as average fare, else, it's bad luck for Kalyan Ram.

Final words: Only discomfort and occasional kick.

RATING: 2.5/5

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