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Jyothi Lakshmi Movie Review

on Jun 12, 2015

Heroine Charmi is boasting a lot about woman empowerment when it comes to her “Jyothi Lakshmi”. And her camaraderie with director Puri Jagan and the way this dashing director carved out a story of a call-girl— everything happening in connection with this film is a surprise. Let’s see how the film fared on silver screen.


Satya (Satyadeva) is a software engineer who falls in love with call-girl Jyothi Lakshmi at first meet itself. He finds out where she lives, reaches her company, starts visiting her every night only to chat with her. After he dares to express his love for her, he manages to marry her only to invite further troubles into his life. As goons start chasing her to woo back into flesh trade, what happens then is the rest of story.



Charmi is bundle of energy, which is proved again. Both as a wooing call girl and as a lady with fighting-back spirit, she excelled in her role.

Newcomer Satya is a treat to watch as he got quite a knack for expressive emotions. Rest of the star cast include many newcomers while Brahmi is funny some times, and wasted on a whole.  Hyderabadi actor Aziz Nasser did a decent role as a supporting goon and caretaker of flesh-trade house.


Even if the story is a wafer thin line, Puri Jagan is the one who could mould into a box of powerful energies. That’s what he repeated with Jyothi Lakshmi. He extracted powerhouse performance from Charmi and made the most of others too. Though he tried to say truth this time, philosophical touch went beyond bounds sometimes. But what's with screenplay? Puri lost it sometimes.

Music director Sunil Kashyap’s songs are entertaining, while the background score also packed a punch. Cinematographer PG Vinda however failed to maintain a powerful palette of colours maybe due to budget constrains.

All other departments have excelled in this limited budget film.



Message in second half


Boring comedy in first half

Wafer thin storyline

Lack of known faces

Puri Jagan is the master in narrating philosophies, and in general he sees a philosophy out of everything. This time he tried to take the side of call-girls, why the are getting into this flesh trade and what could really improvise the situation.

As usual the film starts on interesting note with Puri Jagan giving glimpses of fresh trades. His idea of ‘Lapaki’ app, of course this is already present in foreign countries, is intriguing. When hero Satyadev runs around Charmi just to chat with her but not going between the sheets, the film sounds like a typical love story. Then others have provided needed comic relief. Once they marry, it’s the interval bang that gives ultimate kick. The way Puri asked through Charmi to not compare sacred ‘taali’ and condom gives goosebumps.

Second half opens on serious tone and Puri managed to pull it along till the end. Why women get into prostitution, and what circumstance force them to do so? Puri blames men. But what wonders anyone is how come a serious issue is narrated on a sillier tone? Should we blame the budget or the director? Also if relatively new faces are presented around, then it will be tough to get message from them. At the same time, after giving some goosebumps with pre-climax, Puri tried to tone down climax with comedy which failed miserably.  Though he penned wonderful dialogues, these poor comedy scenes killed the essence. 

On a whole, this message oriented movie that has many flaws, poor logics yet hair rising dialogues may not be a decent popcorn entertainer for people who love to relax in movie theatre. In B & C centres, the film might work to certain extent due to the punch dialogues in second half. But the flick can’t become a runaway hit even though it speaks about call-girls empowerment.

Final words: Puri’s semi-serious battle for call-girls

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