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Movie: Run Raja Run
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Released On : Aug 1, 2014
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Run Raja Run looks like a rom-com script but on the contrary it is filled with a lot of twists and turns like kidnaps, robbery and so on. Sharwanand (Raja) gets introduced as a carefree youth who falls in love and breaks up with a lot of girls. In this process, he accidentally meets Seerat Kapoor (Priya) and the duo fall in love with each other. Priya is the daughter of a police commissioner and Raja's father owns a vegetable market. While this love story runs on one track, Priya's father is pretty disturbed about the kidnaps happening in the city. He is also not happy about the fact that his daughter is in love with a boy like Raja. In order to get Raja into trouble, Priya's dad (Sampath) follows Adivi Sesh's (police officer) idea to catch hold of the criminals involved in the ongoing kidnaps. In this way, he uses Raja and tries to settle things. However, there comees a twist and everything turns upside down. Who are the kidnappers ? How will Raja tackle this issue ? What role does Adivi Sesh play in catching the criminals ? Will Raja and Priya win their love ? Will Raja help his father in revealing the bad man's mask ? All this forms the rest of the story.

Analysis :

Run Raja Run starts off on a feel good note and ends up with a lot of unexpected turns in a lot of places. The first half of Run Raja Run is pretty lethargic and slow while the second half is filled with huge amount of content. In fact, the soul of Run Raja Run lies in the second half. Until the end of the first half, one would not identify what the actual plot is all about. On the whole, Run Raja is a flick which has a mixture of genres. 

Performances :

It was good to see Sharwanand in a entirely different role. He perfectly justified the image of a boy next door and excelled in comedy and dialogue deliveries. 

Seerat Kapoor beautified the screen and also matched the requirement of the script in terms of performance. Not to forget, this lady is a good dancer too. 

Adivi Sesh played a very vital role in Run Raja Run. It is a fantastic start for his career in Tollywood and this tall and handsome man did a clean and perfect job. 

Sampath and Jayaprakash played a commendable role in Run Raja Run. Sampath's imitation of Michael Jackson in certain scenes looked absolutely convincing and entertaining. He flaunted the wonderful grace and style of a 40+ old man. Jayaprakash's role was subtle yet important. 

Comedy was a part of every scene. Some areas had a heavy dose of humor while others were sarcasm and wit. Vennela Kishore did a good job that way. 

Technical Aspect :

Direction :

Sujeeth is pretty famous among youth as a short film director but making a full length film requires utmost perfection. In that way, he did do a good job in handling a tricky script. However, Sujeeth could have concentrated more on organizing the film instead of making it look a bit clumpsy in the second half. It all looked like a rush towards the end. Same way, the first half was a bit too long. Proper cropping would have made Run Raja Run picture perfect. In terms of a debut film, Sujeeth has definitely done an amazing job.

Cinematography :

Cinematography was neat and flawless. The locations of Goa and Hyderabad were perfectly portrayed the actors also looked brilliant on screen. The entire screen space looked colorful and filled. 

Music : 

Ghibran has added soul to Run Raja Run. Every song is impressive and interesting, especially Bujjamma Bujjamma.. Ghibran's first movie in Telugu as a musician is definitely going to earn him good name and fame.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Plus Points :

1. The concept is unique
2. A different style and performance from Sharwanand
3. Seerat's glamor quotient
4. Music is a major highlight

Minus Points :

1. First half was lengthy
2. Second half was a bit clumpsy and looked like things were done in a rush

Bottom Line :

Run Raja Run is absolutely perfect for a one time watch. The concept will steal audience's attention and keep them looking forward for more until the end of the movie.


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