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Movie: Drishyam
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Rating : 3.75
Released On : Jul 11, 2014
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Drushyam is the story of two different families. One tries to hide the truth while the other tries to bring out reality. Venkatesh (Rambabu) is middle class man and a father of two kids. He is a video cable operator who tries finding solutions for all problems by analyzing them with a film. Meena (Venkatesh's Wife) is a regular house wife who takes care of all the household chores and keeps blaming her husband for petty things. Her life is confined to the four walls a loving husband and two children. The family lives happily until one day, Rambabu's elder daughter gets into a huge trouble. Nadhiya plays the role of an IG and her son is the reason behind this elder daughter's trouble. Citing the fact that his daughter is innocent, Rambabu tries to save his family for a terrible situation. The battle begins on a cold note and goes wild between Nadhiya and Rambabu's family. What is that trouble ? What kind of consequences does Rambabu's family face ? Is Nadhiya right on her part ? Will Rambabu's family find a way out from this critical situation ? all this forms the soul of the story.

Analysis :

Drushyam has justified the theme which is a 'Family Thriller'. If a movie could keep the audience biting their nails until the last moment, then we can call it a perfect film and Drushyam has earned that credit. Every bit of the film has something to learn and something to connect. Drushyam is a movie for people of all age groups. There is an emotional connection that keeps the audience waiting for the next scene. Drushyam can win the hearts of all movie buffs.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Performances :
Venkatesh proved himself once again as a matured actor. Playing the role of a father for a man of Venkatesh's stance is pretty rare. However, Venkatesh did justice to his role with wonderful performance and great expressions. Meena was a sweetheart as usual. She has definitely chose the right film for a perfect comeback. Meena blended with the script and the emotions carved in it. The two daughter of Venkatesh, Krithika and Esther stole the show with matured performances.
Nadhiya perfectly sported the police officer's role and carried that toughness until the last moment. Naresh justified his character as an industrialist. Climax dialogues marks the highlight of Naresh's role.
Kalabhavan Shajon's performance as a corrupt police officer was appreciable. Other performances of actors like Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Sameer, Chaitanya Krishna, Chalapathi Rao, Sapthagiri and so on were neatly framed and were well-executed.

Technical Aspects

Direction :
Sri Priya can call her self a seasoned director after making a film like Drushyam. Although the film is a remake of a Malayalam blockbuster, Sri Priya managed to beautify the Telugu version with nativity. Sri Priya has organized the film so well that one could not even find a simple error anywhere. Sri Priya will create an identity for herself among the very few female directors post making a film like Drushyam.
Music :
Sharreth has given brilliant background scores for this movie. There aren't many songs to remember in Drushyam as the script did not demand music. However, the background music was pretty vital and that was given in a beautifully soothing manner.
Cinematography :
The cinematographer beautifully captured the lovely locales of Araku Valley which enhanced the nativity factor of Drushyam. Scenes captured during the night time were flawless and enthralling, especially a shot where Meena and Krithika get drenched on a rainy night at their backyard.
Plus Points :
1. Sripriya's Execution of a perfect script.
2. Performances of every single actor
3. The script of Drushyam is the Hero and that is a major plus point.
Negative Points :
A person who knows how to gauge a perfect film will have no negatives about Drushyam for sure.
Bottom Line :

Drushyam is an amazingly well made movie with mature screenplay. Drushyam is definitely a trend setter. For all those who are in the thirst of watching a different movie, should never miss a masterpiece like Drushyam. It is a film for every father, mother, brother, sister and possibly all relations of this generation.

Drushyam = An emotional connection

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