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Movie: Balupu
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Rating : 3.25
Released On : Jun 28, 2013
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Ravitjeja, son of prakash raj is a guy working in Bank as a recovery executive. He come across a girl and falls in love with her. But she already gets engaged previously. The guy(sesh adivi) who engaged with sruthi already, calls his father in law to tackle the issue. When Poorna( father in law) who is rowdy in vizag comes and sees raviteja, he gets shocked and reveals that he is a rowdy sheeter previously worked under him. Who is raviteja actually? And what is his background? All these should be a must watch rather saying.

Analysis :

The story Balupu is not completely an action entertainer like everybody thinks, it has major amount comedy in it. Director narrated the story with action, comedy and sentiment in equal amounts.
But few hilarious acts done by brahmanandam and raviteja through out the movie has bought some tummy ache. They have used the name 'Pawan kalyan' in a scene completely along with bandla ganesh imitation, which turned up the silent hall into a whistling and yelling arena.

Most ofl the movie credits goes to writer, Raviteja and brahmanandam. After a long time, raviteja is blessed with a hit. Director Gopichand malineni is the person behind this successful movie. He brought Mass Maharaja back on track. Raviteja's rough getup with beard, brought some fierce and stylish look in the second half.

TeluguOne Perspective :

The movie is a worth watching for its comedy and action scenes. Even the story was good but with the routine backdrop of two rowdy rival gangs. The variation shown by the director for raviteja between 1st half and second half is perfect and interesting. After a long time, raviteja was shown with beard which gave him some rough look in the movie. The movie was narrated in non-linear narration. After raviteja's back to back flops, he has got a perfect hit. The movie is a must watch for comedy lovers and the movie is going to be Mass maharaja's monsoon dhamaka. And definitely we should say that this is a magic done by Writer Kona venkat with his story.

Performances: Ravitejas performance was as usual in the 1st half. And in second half it was more good and showed his old style. even prakash raj was as usual with his acting. where as brahmanandam created some humor with his outstanding performance. Sruthi hasan and anjali were up to the mark. And rest of all did their task perfectly with no errors.

Technicalities: The taking was quite routine like other movies in the first half. Coming to second half, camera did a lot of work. Fights were good and music played a vital role in the movie.
positives: The script
                    Gorgeous sruthi hasan

Negatives: a bit lag in the second half.
                     Ali's comedy
                     Familiar Treatment of story

Final word: Balupu movie is more of comedy than an action.


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