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Synopsis :    Way back in 1800's a Jamindar insults Durga Devi by try stealing her idol in the temple in a state of inebriation. An enraged Devi kills him and put a curse on his heirs that she is going to take one family member each every 48 years. And one male heir dies acciden.....

Cast :

Mahesh Babu , Sonali Bendre

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Crew :

   Director Krishna Vamsi    Music Director Mani Sharma    Producer N Devi Prasad

Way back in 1800's a Jamindar insults Durga Devi by try stealing her idol in the temple in a state of inebriation. An enraged Devi kills him and put a curse on his heirs that she is going to take one family member each every 48 years. And one male heir dies accidentally at the end of every 48 years. And the present year denotes end of another 48 years and the Target of Devi is none but our own Murari.Murari is the Grandson of Sabari, whose husband died 48 years back because of the curse. She named her grandson with her hubby name Murari. Hence is called with utmost respect by all family members as 'garu' and 'andi'.In another villages, there lives a beautiful city-bred belle called Vasndhara. She too lives with a big combined family and she is the cynosure of all eyes and affection in the family.Both the families of Murari and Vasundhara are releated by blood, but separated due to the family feuds caused by the crooked villain Rambabu. Every year, Gopamma is allowed to go her parent's house without any escort from her husband. In the current year Murari manages to accompany Gopamma to her parent's house.In this context we must know the relationship between Gopamma and Murari. Murari is the youngest brother of Gopamma's husband. But she treats Murari like her son. She even decides to go for abortion clandestinely so that she would not neglect once she has her own offspring. Murari calls her 'amma' all the time.But Sabari, who returns from her Teerdha Yatra, upon being informed by the family poojari that Murari is the one who would be subjected to death by Devi this year, refuses for the marriage. Then she reveals the dark secret that is kept under wraps that once in every 48 years, one of the family members are taken by Devi as bali.The rest of the story is about how Murari overcomes the curse by Devi and marries his sweetheart Vasundhara. To experience this beautiful scenic classic film by thecreative genius Krishna Vamsi, you must watch this sensible musical love story on the silver screen with good audio equipment.

Analysis :

Artists:Mahesh Babu: Mahesh Babu, as a complete actor, did his role with zest. His mannerisms are straight take-off from that of Superstar Krishna's from Bapu's classic 'Saakshi'. We can see another avatar of Mahesh Babu in this film. He did not show off his manliness or heroism in this film. He confined his acting to the role specifications. You can see the character of Murari in this film, but not the heartthrob of millions of teenage girls Mahesh Babu. In this film, Mahesh used Mantra T-shirts extensively.Sonali Bendre: Krishna Vamsi told me that Tabu is only the alternative Heroine, who looks as sexily and sensuously in saree as Sridevi. He seems to have found a eplacement for Sridevi and Sonali in the form of Sonali Bendre who looked as sexy and sensuous as Tabu and Sridei. She is simply breath stopping in this by displayed all her cinematic charms in this film with instant spontaneity.Lakshmi: This film has two heroines. One is Laxmi and another one is Sonali Bendre. Everyone in the theater will fall in love with the benevolent character of Lakshmi. And she did full justice for her character and we cannot imagine any other actress doing that role.Gollapudi and Satya Narayana: It's quite refreshing to see Gollapudi and Kaikala atyanarayana in this film. Both of them did excel in their roles and Satyanarayana being given more footage.

TeluguOne Perspective :

The credit for the success or failure of this film should go to the Krishna Vamsi. He is the Sri Krishna of the film and Mahesh Babu is Arjuna of the film. Arjuna has followed all the instructions of SriKrishna with finesse of the perfect craftsman. Now, it's the audience turn to decide, weather Krishna Vamsi as Srikrishna did make his moves in the right direction or not. This film is bound get a little bit of dissent from the viewers of C class areas. But, this film is classic masterpiece for the class audience and highly recommended for the Mahesh and rishnavamsi fans. In omparison, this film does not even come close to Ninne Pelladatha, though the storyline is similar except for the divine angle of it. This film will be a good fare for the people if they watch this film with no expectations. Just watch this film to experience Krishna Vamsi paint the silver screen with his classic strokes.

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