Name:Satyaprakash Pandey

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 I am working for Infosys and have travelled to many countries for my work in Europe & South America. But deep within, I have an aspiration to become a Film-Maker, a good one, to tell interesting stories to the movie goers.  To fulfill my passion, I cleared exam for Film Training Institute of India (FTII), Pune in 2007 for direction course, but could not join it.  I started making short films from January  2008 and since then have produced and directed at least 2 films a year.

During my stay in Prague, Czech Republic, I made a film of 40 min duration with an all international cast compring of Czech, Slovak, French, English, Italian, German, Polish & Indian actors, titled - Letters From Prague. At the same time, I happened to meet the crew of Bollywood film 'ROCKSTAR' and served as  an apprentice trainee for Czech Republic schedule of the film for about a month.


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