Mutton Biryani





Basmati Rice 1 Cup ( Soak in water for half an hour)

Mutton 200 gms

Onion 2

Tomato 2

Small Curd 1/2

Cup Ginger n Garlic paste

2 Teaspoon Cloves & Cardamom for seasoning

Few Pudina(Mint) Leaves

Few Coriander Leaves

To make a Paste:

Green Chillies 8

Cloves 2

Little Cashew nut

Little Pudina(Mint) Leaves



* Add oil or ghee to Pressure Cooker.

* Add cloves, cardamom and few pudina leaves.

* Then saute onions , then tomato & add ginger n garlic paste.

* Saute the above well.

* Add the grinded paste and saute till pudina smell goes.

* Add mutton, curd and salt after it blends add little water and pressure cook.

* The add rice to the pressure cooker and pour water( 1:2 ratio) and salt and leave for one whistle.

* Open the Pressure Cooker after 20 mins and add little ghee and garnish with coriander leaves.