How To Make Sunnundalu


Protein Laddus or Sunnundalu are very tasty and nutritious. Growing kids, Teenage Girls & Pregnant Ladies need more protein to build a healthy and strong body. Kids can have 2 laddus and elders can have 3 laddus. Find the detailed description below.



Black Gram Powder - 1 cup

Jaggery - 1 cup

Roasted Peanut Powder

Dry Fruits





Firstly roast black gram in a heated pan for about 15 mins in low flame so that it turns golden. After it has cooled – grind it into fine powder. Later roast peanuts in a heated pan in low flame. After it has cooled – grind it coarsely. Take a spoon of pan and heat it – add dry fruits and saute till they turn golden brown. In a bowl take the black gram powder, peanut powder, jaggery, dry fruits, elachi powder and mix them all well. Later heat the ghee nicely to get the liquid consistency. Pour it in the powder and then make the protein laddus. Tasty Snnundalu are ready....