How to Make Katori Chaat Recipe 



Chaat attracts people of all age group. #KatoriChat is one such mouthwatering recipe. To know the detailed procedure, watch the video.



Finely Chopped Onion

Finely Chopped Tomato

Boiled & Mashed Potato

Boiled Chickpeas

Roasted Groundnuts


Chat Masala


Chilli Powder

Cumin Powder


Coriander Leaves

Sweet Chutney

Green Chutney

Maida Chapathi Dough


Katori Preparation:

Take Maida powder and add salt to it. Boil the oil and add few spoons of oil to the mixture. Make sure the dough is tightly knead. Rest the dough for about 15 20 mins. Then make the chapathi (as shown in the video) and convert it to the katori form. Once the katori is ready, fry it in oil and the katori is ready.

Katori Chaat Preparation:

Take the Maida katori in a bowl/plate and add the ingredients one after the other. First add onion, boiled potato, boiled chickpeas, roasted groundnut, chopped tomato, chat masala, cumin powder, salt, chilli powder. Lastly add the sweet chutney, green chutney and curd. Finally garnish with pomegranates & the chaat is ready!

- Bharathi