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వెట‌కారం c/o ర‌వితేజ
సినిమాలో హీరోయిజం ఫుల్లుగా ఉందండీ - దానికి ఓ ట‌న్నుడు వెట‌కారం క‌ల‌పండి! ఈ సినిమా కామెడీ కావ‌ల్సినంత ఉందండీ. - దానికి క్వింటాలు బ‌లుపు క‌ల‌పండి! సినిమా అంతా యాక్ష‌నే నండీ... - ఇప్పుడు లారీడు పొగ‌రు మిక్స్ చేయండి! బ‌స్‌స్‌స్‌స్‌స్‌స్..... ర‌వితేజ పాత్ర రెడీ అయిపోతుంది. ఇక కిక్కే కిక్కు...
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Trivikram, why not with Charan and NTR?
Trivikram Srinivas is an acclaimed director in Tollywood and among the top crop of heroes, he is working with Allu Arjun and Mahesh Babu repeatedly and he also teamed up with Pawan Kalyan twice. Now the question doing rounds is why isn’t Trivikram not teaming up with Ram Charan and NTR.
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Ramyakrishna beats Hansika
There are few actresses in the film industry who only progress with their age which doesn’t deter them from ageing gracefully and still retaining the limelight. She was seen as Vishal’s mom-in-law in a Tamil film called Aambale
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'Baahubali' to make 100 crore before release
The magnum opus Baahubali is all set for completion and now heavy competition has begun among distributors to acquire the rights of this prestigious project. Apart from Telugu the film would be simultaneously releasing in Tamil, Hindi and other foreign languages as well.
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How goodwill gave a hit Film
Sometimes, one’s humble nature also works out well in the long term in film industry. This now seems to be the case with Nandamuri Kalyan Ram. Pataas may have generated hit talk, which may not be special for others.
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Hindi channels stun Telugu film audience
Dubbing films from one language to other is quite common in Indian film industry. Now same is the case with Telugu films, that are being dubbed increasingly into Hindi.
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