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Rajamouli Agrees That He’s Copy Cat
while speaking with a leading Telugu news channel the other day. Looks like Jakkanna wants to agree in a half that he has
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SCOOP: What’s Wrong With Jr NTR?
Taking decisions rather hastily is what Jr NTR is said to be. The way he selected directors who scored only hits and then tasted bitter flops through them is the
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Kajol—The Charms Are Not Lost
Who can forget that hot lady swinging her charms to the tune ‘Vennelave Venelave..’ from the film Merupu Kalalu? Thereby creating a huge impact on youths, on girls with her dresses
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After Films, Sachin Giving Beers To Us!!!
Hero Sachin Joshi shot to headlines today after a deal made his company Viikings has got publicity today. Probably he would have got bored that none of his films are working
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Hero Vijay Cries Foul On Food Snatchers
Tamil hero Vijay grabbed the attention of everyone as he spoke at large about piracy the other day at the audio launch of his latest movie
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'హోరా హోరీ' సెన్సార్ అయిపొయింది
అలా మొదలైంది’, ‘అంతకుముందు ఆ తరువాత’ వంటి ఘనవిజయం సాధించిన, వైవిధ్యమైన కధా చిత్రాల నిర్మాణ సంస్థ శ్రీ రంజిత్ మూవీస్. ‘చిత్రం, ‘నువ్వు నేను’, జయం’ అంటూ వెండితెరపై ప్రేమ కధా చిత్రాలకు సరికొత్తగా రూప కల్పన చేసి బాక్సాఫీస్
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