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Telugu Cinema News

  • Vijay’s movie with Murugadoss- SARKAR

    June 22nd is the birthday of Tamil Superstar Vijay and his fans received good news today. A movie was announced by Sun Pictures with Vijay

  • Will have kids after 20 movies- Shriya

    Shriya has broken many a hearts by marrying her long time boyfriend Andrei Koscheev. The marriage has gone through simple

  • ఒకేసారి ముగ్గురితో మహేష్‌...

    ఆగండి ఆగండి అక్కడే ఆగండి నాకు తెలుసు మహేష్ ఏమిటి ఒకేసారి ముగ్గురుతో ఏమిటి అని మీరు రకరకాలుగా ఆలోచిస్తున్నారని. అసలు విషయం ఏమిటంటే... ‘భరత్ అనే నేను’ చిత్రం తర్వాత సూపర్‌స్టార్ మహేష్‌బాబు నటిస్తున్న రీసెంట్ చిత్రానికి...

  • Biopic on Traffic Ramaswamy

    Most of us might have heard the name of social activist Traffic Ramaswamy. Known for his social consciousness and relentless fight against corruption... Traffic Ramaswamy is treated as a legend in Tamil Nadu....

  • Shah Rukh to host Ambani’s wedding

    Everyone in the country is interested in Bollywood. But Bollywood’s interest has always vested in Ambani’s family. Now that the son of Mukesh Ambani is getting engaged this June 30, you can expect B town...

  • Bigg Boss- 2 is a hit

    It’s been almost two weeks since the second season of Bigg Boss show was aired on the TV. There isn’t any doubt that Bigg Boss 1 was a huge hit. The dynamism and spontaneity of Jr. NTR has given life..