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రివ్యూ సూర్య వ‌ర్సెస్ సూర్య‌: గ్ర‌హ‌ణం ప‌ట్టిన సూర్యుడు
లైన్ మాత్ర‌మే బాగుంటే స‌రిపోదు.. దాన్ని అందంగా చ‌ప్ప‌గ‌లిగే ఆర్టు కావాలి. లేదంటే అది ఆర్టు సినిమాకి ఎక్కువ‌.. అస‌లు సినిమాకి త‌క్కువ అన్న‌ట్టు త‌యార‌వుతుంది. కేవ‌లం చిన్న పాయింట్ ప‌ట్టుకొని సినిమా అంతా లాగించేద్దామంటే కుద‌ర‌దు... అది కుక్క‌తోక ప‌ట్టుకొని గోదారి ఈదిన‌ట్టే.
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Pawan Special Appearance for Bunny
The recent reproachment of the main brothers in mega family has come as a boon for Allu Arjun. According to reports, Pawan Kalyan would be attending the audio release event of Allu Arjun-Trivikram’s film S/O Satyamurthy.
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Seasons of Flops in Tollywood
The off-season is impacting Telugu cinema business very much with theaters having only nil audience. All the four films released last Friday have tanked. Bham Bolenath had some promise before release but the disappointing content failed this film.
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Sudheer will not give up that title
Sudheer Babu is very much attached to the tile Mosagallaku Mosagadu, which belonged to a superhot film of his father-in-law and Superstar Krishna. After his hit film Prema Katha Chitram
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Madhurima's troublesome acts in Kollywood
It is not an easy thing to get offers in industry for actresses. Madhurima is one such actress who is getting offers but is again earning a negative publicity. Even as the controversy involving her absence in Temper promotions and her tiff with NTR
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Chaithu's new success formula
When compared to the other star kids of Tollywood, it has to be admitted that Akkineni Naga Chaitanya didn't get any big red carpet and despite his family clout, Chaitanya has failed to enter the top heroes league.
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