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Director Caught in Drunk & Drive Case
It has become common to find film celebrities being caught by police on roads involving drunk and drive cases. Now according to sources, the latest film personality caught in the act was BVS Ravi
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పవర్ ఫస్ట్‌వీక్ కలెక్షన్స్
మాస్ మహారాజా రవితేజ మరోసారి బాక్స్ఆఫీస్ వద్ద తన 'పవర్' ని చూపించాడు. రవితేజ పవర్ మూవీ ఫస్ట్ డే టాక్ అంత బాగా లేకపోవడంతో యూనిట్ కొంత కంగారుపడ్డ ఆతరువాత సినిమా బాగా పుంజుకోవడంతో
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Aagadu First day Collections
Aagadu 1st day Collections: Superstar Mahesh has once again proved his stamina at the box-office. In spite of opening up with mixed reviews, Aagadu managed to collect 9.54 cr
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Bramhi, please stop it!
Well, there is a character of comedian who is introduced by the hero and tries to fool the villain. He is fully utilized by the hero and only in final stages, he realizes he has been used by hero.
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Two delights ruled Aagadu!
Aagadu is special not only for the presence of Mahesh Babu, but also two top heroines, Tamanna and Shruthi Hassan. Naturally it was expected that both would vie with each other and compete for limelight
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Nag in silent film?
No one can forget the admiration which Pushpaka Vimanam film commands to this day. The film which featured Kamal Hassan and Amala in 80s was an instant hit. Now sources say that
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