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  • Jr NTR @ Japan Ku Prematho

    Jr NTR enjoys unique fandom in Japan too. If you have any doubts, go check the release of "Baadshah" in Japan as well. Also the film got nominated for couple of film awards in that island nation. Cashing on that craze, ace producer Dil Raju is now taking "Nannaku Prematho" there.  

  • If Script Demands, Everyone Is Ready

    From Hebah Patel to day after tomorrow's release Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha heroine Mehrene Pirzada, everyone is ready for lip locks and bikinis. There is no worry about glamour show too. Well, should media refrain from asking such question to all the heroine?

  • At Last Sirish Came Down To Cameos?

    Allu Sirish— he's the only solo name from Mega camp, who hasn't succeeded as a hero yet. From Pawan Kalyan to Allu Arjun, Ram Charan to Saidharam and Varun Tej, Mega family heroes have made their presence felt in Telugu industry in a big way. But Sirish is yet to crack the pandoras box of success.

  • Nani Opens Balayya Card As Final Weapon

    So much dillydallying we have to say as hero Nani bounced several opinions about the presence of Hero Balakrishna in his latest movie. Finally a trailer of "Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gaadha" is unveiled, where Nani is seen saluting Balayya.

  • Blockbuster Producer Banks On A Remake

    Where is this "blockbuster" producer? Though everyone lifted him to the sky by calling him as a blockbuster producer, he really didn't made blockbusters despite making some big films. Say it cost failures or debts, somehow Bandla Ganesh started making movies after his film Jr NTR's "Temper" released.

  • పెళ్లికూతురైన చిరంజీవి కూతురు

    చిరంజీవి ఇంట పెళ్లిసందడి మొదలైంది. ఆయన చిన్న కూతురు శ్రీజను పెళ్లికూతుర్ని చేసే ఫంక్షన్ హడావిడి జరుగుతోంది. ప్రస్తుతం సోషల్ నెట్ వర్కింగ్ సైట్లలో దీనికి సంబంధించిన ఫోటో చక్కర్లు కొడుతోంది. పట్టు డ్రెస్ లో,చేతికి నిండుగా గాజులతో పెళ్లి కళతో శ్రీజ కనబడుతుండగా, పక్కనే పసుపు దంచే రోలు, ఇల్లంతా చుట్టాలసందడి కనిపిస్తోంది.