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This Is How Allu Arvind Eats Away!!
Allu Arvind is a mega producer, who is not making many movies these days. Probably after Hind Ghajini and Telugu Magadheera, there is no big cinema Geetha Arts banner has come up with. And now, he launched a new banner
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Plagiarism Charges On Akhil’s “Akhil”
When the first poster of “Baahubali” got released with a an infant being cut out of the sea layer, there were these wrong-finders who exposed that it’s copy of a English movie’s
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When Varun Tej Fired A Real Gun!!
Mega brother Naga Babu’s son Varun Tej is coming back with a bang with his second movie. This time he has chosen a rather period drama that requires him to come up with massive change in his looks and body
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Bruce Lee Is Tribute!! Charan’s Joke
There are some never before kind of action sequences in our film, which only Bruce Lee would be doing in fact. All those sequences will get you remember him
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Rana Daggubati To Become Naval Officer
Baahubali catapulted Rana Daggubati into a big league where he is a sought after actor for most aspiring directors. Many youngster directors are now looking at Rana if they have any need for versatile
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Gunasekhar Not Worried About Mega Clash
Mega director Gunasekhar has produced Rudramadevi with more than 80 crores budget and the film’s release is suffering with various issues. Say it post-production
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