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SCOOP: The Impact Of A Wrong Move
One wrong step and career gets finished. Some believe that there will be always a route to right the wrongs and come into groove. If we have to comment anything by the happenings
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Venky Realises ‘Santosham Sagam Balam’
For the first time ever, hero Venkatesh is taking more time in his career to finalise a script and move on to shooting. After the debacle of “Shadow”, he realised the importance
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Chiranjeevi Is Not Sacrificing His 150th
Widely spread rumours about Megastar Chiranjeevi’s cameo in 150th movie has literally upset mega fans. Because they are worried as to why their matinee idol kept aside his
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Hora Hori - Teja Trying His Level Best
Director Teja got popularised for his violent love stories that often involve the conventional rich-poor, powerful-weak kind of characterisations of antagonists and protagonist. Of late, he
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Lady Fan Strips Baahubali Of Its Pride
The whole of India is rejoicing with “Baahubali” entering the mega league of 400 crore club, as it collected 430+ crores GROSS at box office. However, feminists are attacking
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‘హోరా హోరీ’ ఆడియో రిలీజ్ డేట్
‘అలా మొదలైంది’, ‘అంతకుముందు ఆ తరువాత’వంటి ఘనవిజయం సాధించిన, వైవిధ్యమైన కధా చిత్రాల నిర్మాణ సంస్థ శ్రీ రంజిత్ మూవీస్. ‘చిత్రం, ‘నువ్వు నేను’, జయం’ అంటూ వెండితెరపై ప్రేమ కధా చిత్రాలకు సరికొత్తగా రూప కల్పన చేసి బాక్సాఫీస్ వద్ద రికార్డ్ సృష్టించిన
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