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Rudhramadevi 3D Movie Review
From a long time, "Rudhramadevi", the first ever historical stereoscopic film in India, is facing release issues. Finally after a long wait
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రుద్ర‌మ‌దేవి రివ్యూ
రుద్ర‌మ‌దేవి గురించి ఎప్పుడు చెప్పుకొన్నా - తొమ్మిదేళ్ల రిసెర్చ్‌, మూడేళ్ల క‌ష్టం అంటూ గుణ శేఖ‌ర్ ఏక‌రువు పెట్టేవాడు. అది నిజ‌మే కావ‌చ్చు. కానీ సినిమా చూస్తున్న ఆడియ‌న్‌కి మాత్రం
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Quarter Life Crisis For Mega Hero
Suddenly when most of Tollywood is trying to sleep last night, a tweet comes from this young mega hero Allu Sirish
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I've Not Done This For Money - Anushka
Talented and beautiful Anushka Shetty is known both her performance oriented roles and glamour sizzles at the same time. She's today coming up with
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Male Domination Never Agreed Rudhramadevi
Why it took so many years for a historical project like "Rudhramadevi" to materialise? Actually some senior film makers would have made a film on this subject long back
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Rakul Fixes Up A Clause To Charan
Heroine Rakul Preet Singh is probably the first one to pour such a heavy glamour for mega powerstar Ram Charan in any commercial film till date
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