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Top PR Rejectes Samantha
Samantha desperately trying for a hit in Kollywood she failed to impress with Anjaan now she again getting paired with Suriya in Vikram Kumar direction . Suriya himself producing this film .There is a rumour crawling on K-town
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Koratala Following Steps of Trivikram
We all know that Koratala Shiva got a long gap after the success of his first film Mirchi because of Mahesh Babu dates and now we know that this film is titled Srimanthudu and the film shooting shedules were going in super fast mode. It is heard
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పూర్ణ‌తో నాకు ఎఫైర్‌ లేదు
ర‌విబాబు - పూర్ణ‌ల మ‌ధ్య ఏదైనా ఎఫైర్ న‌డుస్తోందా? అందుకే ర‌విబాబు వ‌రుస‌గా పూర్ణ కు అవ‌కాశాలు ఇస్తున్నాడా? గ‌త కొన్ని రోజులుగా టాలీవుడ్‌లో ఈ విష‌యంపై ఆస‌క్తిగా చ‌ర్చించుకొంటున్నాక‌రు సినీ జ‌నాలు. ర‌విబాబు తెర‌కెక్కించిన అవును, ల‌డ్డూబాబు, అవును 2ల‌లో పూర్ణ న‌టించింది.
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Rumours Made Rakul Preeth Panic
Rakul Preeth Singh is very much worried about the latest rumour on her which is on Jr NTR 25 th film "DandaYatra" (Working title) which is directed by Sukumar . Rumours were out that she was dropped out of the film and many stories
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Nani needs a fresh script
Actor Nani already got a big success from his latest release "Yevade subramanyam" now once again he is all set to taste the success with Maruthi film. As per sources we heard that this young hero is inviting young script writers to narrate a good script
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Deepika's Choice
From Bollywood to down south every actor is sharing a 2 minutes video on their social profile . 98 women along with Bollywood actor Deepika Padkone were there in this video and this short
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