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‘బాహుబలి’ లీక్... రాజమౌళి కేస్...
తెలుగు ప్రేక్షకులు ఎప్పుడా.. ఇంకెప్పుడా అని ఎదురు చూస్తున్న ‘బాహుబలి’ సినిమా విడుదలైంది. కాకపోతే థియేటర్లలో కాదు... ఇంటర్నెట్‌లో! ‘బాహుబలి’ సినిమాకి సంబంధించిన 13 నిమిషాల ఫుటేజ్ ఈమధ్య యూట్యూబ్‌, ఫేస్‌బుక్, వాట్సప్‌లో విడుదలైంది. మూడు రోజులుగా ఈ ఫుటేజ్ నెట్లో హల్చల్ చేస్తోంది. ఈ సినిమాకి పనిచేసిన సిబ్బంది ఎవరో ఈ ఫుటేజ్‌ని లీక్ చేసినట్టు తెలుస్తోంది. ఈ నేపథ్యంలో ఆ సినిమా
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Ladies And Gentlemen Review
Madhura Sreedhar has come up with yet another interesting concept on Cyber Crimes. This film is releasing across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and USA today and the star cast includes Adivi Sesh, Kamal Kamaraju, Chaitanya Krishna, Mahat Raghavendra and Nikita Narayan etc. Let us check the review to know more about the film. Story: Ladies & Gentlemen is an anthology film. This story is all about 3 people who are affected in their lives because of the cyber crimes. Mahat is a call
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Finally, Telugu audience accepted him
It is not that easy for heroes, especially from other industries to be accepted by Telugu audience. Malayali prefer too class, Tamil audience prefer either too mass or too class. But for Telugu audience there has to always be a delicate balance which even Superstar Rajnikanth seems to have told Dhanush, his son in law and acclaimed Tamil actor. For the first time, a dubbed film of Dhanush, Raghuvaran B.Tech has become a hit in Telugu which has made both Dhanush and Rajini happy that he has been accepted by Telugu audience, which the hero agrees is not an easy feat!
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Bandla Ganesh excludes Pawan and Charan
These days it has become common to play audio visuals during audio launch event of films, praising other heroes too that would have teamed up recently with the producer. Recently during the audio launch of Temper however, producer Bandla Ganesh seems to have excluded mega heroes like Pawan Kalyan, Bunny and Charan which led to few speculations. There are reports that he might have done this to avoid praising Mega heroes in front of the Nandamuri clan or may be because he is not on that good terms with them unlike before.
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Reason for Mahesh Babu doing more ads
It is said often that charity often begins at home. There are some who publicize every act, while others refrain from this. This is also the case of our Prince Mahesh Babu who is known for working in many commercial ads. Recently, during an event Comedian Ali revealed that Mahesh told him once that the reason why he works in many ads is that thirty percent of the revenues he gets are given to his wife Namratha. The money goes towards welfare activities for underprivileged and old age homes etc. Mahesh has definitely set a precedent.
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Will Tarak fans accept this
The audio release of Temper which happened day before yesterday has only received a mixed response from fans. There is one song in this film with a meaning that says ‘ I’m useless, I have been wasted and I will only try to be of use someday by rectifying soon’. Tarak fans feel that such a song which is typical of Puri might suit for his favourite hero Ravi Teja but not their star NTR. Even the neutral film audience says that for heroes who are used to be eulogized with great praises, such a song that demeans oneself may not be a right thing to do.
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