Udipi Swamiji poisoned to death !


It’s a known fact that the math’s in Karnataka has a very strong hold on its people and politics. That was the reason why the latest elections saw all political leaders prostrating before the religious leaders at various math’s. With such power, muth’s also get involved in huge controversies. One such controversy is presently rocking the state. Lakshmivara Theertha, the head of Shiroor Math is suspected to be killed by poisoning. Shiroor Math is one of the eight abodes that are linked with Udipi Sri Krishna Temple. Lakshmivara Theertha has a controversial past. He often violated the rules of the traditional Math’s such as traveling,  overseas and contesting the elections. He was even boycotted by the leaders of seven other math’s. Now his death has lead to serious mud slinging among various Math’s in the state.