Right Selfie

Which should be our priority? Helping others, attending other's needs? or taking care of self ? Is a million dollor question for most of us... Specially for women, this will be the dilemma which always puts them in nutshell...

Majority of women find their happiness in keeping their family happy; however constant urge to satisfy other's needs is putting them in "both physical and mental stress" says a recent survey. Experts add that, If women continue to stay in this state of mind for long time, they might loose their self confidence too.

Right from simple things of choosing her own wardrobe, food habits, hobbies which keep her happiness intact are the things which need not impress others or approved by others.  Do you believe? Most of the ladies, won't be able to decide the restaurants for the parties they host, can't finalise on the menu for a get together they arrange.. They always put themselves last comparing to family members and kids for that matter. These incidents might sound silly but they have lot of impact on one's personality traits.

However, encouraging women in your family to make choices of their own, allow them to take a call when you all go to an eat street, appreciating her choices when you are deciding on home reated affairs are few gestures which build lot of confidence in women in family. On the other hand , women need to take out time for their ownselves; remember, your new cutlery is not only for guests to show off but you have every right to cook, serve and enjoy a special meal for yourself. Treating yourself with an icecream, gifting a book to you by you, wearing a new outfit and trying anew hairstyle just to pep up your day are few of the options to catch up with one own self.

Try this out and see the kind of happiness you experience..


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