Pawan Thanks YSRCP, Slams TDP

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan once again raised his voice regarding special status issue. Apparently, he is disapponited with the way TDP MP's behaved in the parliament yesterday. Surprisingly, Pawan thanked YSRCP Congress MP's and Telangana MP's who spoke in support of Special Status to Andhra Pradesh. With this, he sent a message that, his party will support those who fight for well-being of Telugu people. Here are the series of tweets by Pawan Kalyan:

* My wholehearted thanks to T-MPs 'Kesava Rao Garu&Rapolu Ananda bhaskar Garu for their support to AP spl status

* YSRCP MPs are doing a commendable job in pursuing AP Spl status at centre

* I think TDP MPs have forgotten the insult of their MPs getting beaten by North MPs in the parliament during the state bifurcation.

* I request TDP, "DO NOT MORTGAGE THE SELF RESPECT"of People of AP to centre for your personal benefits.

* I too agree to show restraint and to be cautious with centre but when repeated injustice is being meted out to us then where is the need.

* As per the popular demand,Would they ever divide UP ? Or the Rule was applied only to down south state AP' only?

* When do we lose our Moral high ground with centre?When we Mortgage our self respect for personal benefits.

*It's quite disheartening to see Hon. Minister Sri Ashok Gajapathi Raju garu's silence and the absence of TDP MP's in the parliament when the discussion of special status to AP came up. TDP don't have the right to compromise on the promised 'special status category' with centre as 'people of AP' got TDP and BJP into power trusting they would bring 'SCS'.

*Attitude of our political class (in Delhi)- you put us down by our skin color, we are ok, you mock at us for speaking in our Dravida tongue, we are ok; In parliament you kick us, abuse us and divide us, we are ok. And we are ok to be slavish and subservient at the cost of our people's self respect as long as you do not deny our contacts, business opportunities, bailing us out from scams and wrong doings.”