Crazy Online Shopping

Publish Date:Aug 12, 2015


Shopping for personal goods and lifestyle products has been interesting to everyone at a certain point in shopping is picking up its swing in India too. In the Western World, it is already a pretty familiar thing. Buy anything, anytime with just a card!! It is so comfortable, time saving, and an effortless job. Returning items bought online, is also getting easier these days. The 'Free Shipping' is such an attractive part. Email notifications and Cellphone Alerts from the shopping websites have made it even more easier and better to keep a track of the deals and sales. Just make sure you keep your card details secure and use only presonal devices to shop online.


Just wait for the after Festival Season in India and the Thanksgiving, Christmas Sale in the USA and every online shopper gets so do i !! Most of us just get so curious to know whats every website we signed up for sells during its clearance event...whether we buy things or not, browsing for hours, putting everyother item in the shopping bag and then when you realise the amount is going to high or if it still doesnot qualify for 'free shipping', just close the browser !!! For most of us, it is a Passtime activity.



Even the Birthday Gifts are arriving from online stores, a day after the guests attend the party ! I actually did almost something similar, not intentional, the gifts got delayed and arrived to the host a day after i attended the party ! This online shopping is not as timely as shopping at the store..due to climatic reasons, transport strikes, unavailability of items in stock, the shipments arrive so late and you get so frustrated with the long wait...and strangely sometimes the orders arrive so early. Whatever be the reason to still continue with in-store shopping, Online Buying is irresistibly, crazily attractive !!


-Prathyusha Talluri

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