Pause For A Moment To Enjoy Life!

While going along with the fast moving world, we have forgotten to acknowledge what the present moment has for us. Similarly, our reactions to various situations in life are so quick, that sometimes we regret reacting in that manner. Fortunately, there is a simple way to deal with this.

All you need to do is stop and thing before you do anything. We must understand that the past cannot be changed and the future cannot controlled. What we have in hand is the present so lets mold it in a way that makes us happy. Let us understand this, through a simple situation that we may experience very frequently.


Reacting to a person venting his or her frustration needs to be directed to the positive path. Shouting back at a frustrated person will only both of your peace of mine and then you may try to sooth this, you might take a glass of wine. Now just make slight changes in this situation. Instead of shouting, try and listen to what the person has to say. Either provide a solution or change the topic of discussion gradually.

After reacting in this manner you will actually enjoy the glass of wine instead of just having it to get over a bad day. By taking time to react, you understand people and situations a lot better and it may also help you get rid of some your bad habits like smoking.

Experts call this way of life, mindfulness. With developments in technology you can now incorporate mindfulness into your life through apps like   ­Calm in the Storm and Stop Breathe & Think. Start living like this and soon you will fall in love with your life.

- Kruti Beesam

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