The Incurable Asthma!!


Asthma is a complex conditions resulting from the environmental and genetic interactions. Both environmental and genetic factors determine the severity and its responsiveness to the treatment by the steroidal therapy.


One of the major causes of asthma is the presence of allergens in the environment. Smoking, air pollution, exposure to volatile organic compounds and other environmental chemicals all aggravate the problem of asthma. Besides environmental causes there are genetic causes too. Till date, about 30 genes have been identified to cause asthma moreover; the occurrence of asthma is also linked to family history. And it is also found that the genes responsible for asthma are unstable.

Asthma is one such disease which cannot be got rid of. Though, it is an incurable disease, with good treatment and management the person can lead a normal and peaceful life.

The evidences pertaining to the effectiveness of the measures aiding in the prevention of asthma are weak! Though asthma is incurable but it is certainly manageable. The management of asthma is the proactively monitoring and managing the symptoms. The management has two modules: Lifestyle modification and Medication.

Lifestyle Modification – Avoiding the triggers like: allergens, smoke, air pollution, non selective beta-blocker drugs and sulfite-containing foods. If you can not avoid them at least take protective measures against them. Avoid smoking, as smoking prevents the proper functioning of the drugs aimed to manage the symptoms. Taking the scheduled vaccinations is also mandatory.

Medication – The medicine managing the symptoms of asthma are quick-relief or long-acting drugs. Never use the medicines which are prescribed for others neither share your medicines because not all drugs are suitable for the management of asthma.

Take Care!!


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