Diabetic Diet

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Besides being on medication there are some alternations to be made in your diet to counteract the metabolic disorder of Diabetes Mellitus. Well there are many controversies over what should a diabetic diet include! In simple words a diabetic diet comprises of: high soluble fiber, low saturated fats and low refined sugars.

An ideal diabetic diet should comprise of: Carbohydrates 60-65%, Proteins 15-20%, Fats: 10-15%. Carbohydrates are mainly fortified in the form of cereals. Milk supplements for the Fat intake. Pulses and fruits complete the diet plan!

Besides eating in right quantities and right foods, the timing of meals is also to be considered. For controlling diabetes, it is just not enough to eat healthy but eat at right time too! If you are on insulin or hypoglycemic drugs it is advised to have long-acting carbs like oatmeal, sweet potato, whole wheat bread and lentils are few to name; before retiring to bed, to prevent hypoglycemia during sleeping hours!

Alcohol and drug consumption should be limited to moderation. Moreover, diabetic patients should always keep in mind that alcohol must never be consumed on empty stomach. Ingest some starchy foods like bread before gulping down your drink!

Your craving for Non-vegetarian foods must be controlled largely. Because stats say that vegans are less prone to the risk of diabetes as they are free from the highly saturated fats present in meat!!

Requisite eating along with proper and timely medication will ensure a speedy recovery from the metabolic disorder called Diabetes Mellitus!!

Take care!!



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