Health Myths Busted!




There are certain sayings which have been passed on from generation to generation. These were certain rules which were ought to be followed, so our forefathers attached a panic to these rules. So, that we would stick to it! And inculcate good habits.

If you go out with wet hair you will catch cold!

Certainly you will feel cold but health-wise you will be fine. A study carried out by Californian scientists revealed that wet hair has no relation with you catching cold. Moreover they stated that feeling cold does not affect your immune system for you to catch cold!

Gum stays in your Stomach for Seven years!

It was said so that the high school kids would get rid of their habit of constantly chewing the gum. Yes, it is true that it hard to digest this piece of candy. Doctors point out that, similar to other non-food objects that the kids swallow take a tour of the intestinal tract and are finally kick out through stools. Gums may be hard to digest but they do not cause any kind of stomachaches and fuss!

You should not swim for an hour after eating!

It is said so because after we eat the blood circulation to our muscles and limb is reduced and pumped in for digestive system, so if swim or exercise vigorously after a meal we might not have adequate blood supply to the muscles and end up drowning because of cramps. But the fact is that, our ability to exercise reduces significantly but it does not inhibit us from swimming.

Drinking warm milk makes you fall asleep!

Well, this is partly true; milk has the amino acid – tryptophan which induces the production of sleep-hormone, thus inducing sleep, though there is not enough tryptophan to induce sleep in our daily servings. But many oppose this interpretation, they say that warmth of the milk relaxes or a feeling full stomach make you feel drowsy.

Take Care!!


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