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So what can we do to stay healthy? Walking! It may sound like a simple activity but it will take care of your body like you never dis before.

To start with a walk for a good amount of time can keep your heart away from the bad cholesterol [LDL] and increases the good one [HDL]. Spend 30 minutes in this activity and stay away from high blood pressure by 27%Walking also keeps diabetes at bay. This is the claim of the British Medical Journal. If you are a habitual walker you reduce your risk of colon, breast or womb cancer by 20%. This is definitely an easy way to live longer.

An obvious advantage walking everyday is that you can stay in shape, with the least effort. A person who weighs 60 kilos burns 75 calories simply by walking. What can be a better motivation to get you to walk?

But if you still think you need a motivating factor to walk, find a walking partner or take your pet out. This way you will have a change from your routine while getting some ‘’me time’’. Dementia and osteoporosis are a few among many problems you can avoid just by walking. Walking benefits your arms too! You may not realize it, but each time you swing your arms rhythmically you tone your arms, shoulders and upper back.

Your walking time can also help you get some vitamin D. Walking in the sun will give your body this essential vitamin. Many people in UK are deficient of this nutrient because of lack of exposure to sunlight. You don’t let this happen to yourself, okay?

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